Printing a ruler has never been easier

You need a ruler and you don't have one? Then print out your new ruler online now. Just click on the button and download your ruler as a PDF!

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Printing a ruler has never been easier?

Of course, otherwise wouldn’t exist. Start now and simply download our „print-ruler“ template, print it out (see how it works in detail above) and you can start measuring what ever you want.

How to print your new ruler correctly?

The most important thing for printing your ruler is to make sure that you print a 100% printout. That is super important for your measuring experience. Most printers print in the standard-setting a slightly reduced version of the original. Since a ruler is a measuring instrument, 1 centimeter must be 1 centimeter. The same applies of course to the inch.
So always make sure you make a 100 % print of your ruler, that your measuring result is absolutely accurate.

Why is the „print-ruler" not parallel to the page?

If the ruler would be parallel to the edge of the page, it would not be possible to offer a 30 cm and a 12-inch ruler. The reason is the A4 sheet because it is only 29.7 cm long and standard printers cannot print without margins. Nevertheless, after you have printed the ruler, you can simply cut it out with a scissor to have a nice ruler.

How to define ruler?

A ruler is an aid for drawing straight lines, especially straight lines, and for measuring line lengths. For drawing curved lines, there are curve rulers, for example parabolas and straightedges.
The length of the rulers can be very different, students usually use plastic rulers (10-30 cm), rulers up to 100 cm are not uncommon in companies and mechanical engineering rulers up to 200 cm can also be found.
Most rulers today are made of plastic or paper. In any case, if you print out your ruler on this website.

Since when does the ruler exist?

Who invented the ruler can no longer be precisely proven today. What is certain, however, is that the ruler was invented in Asia. But also the Egyptians already used a kind of ruler. They made a knot in a rope at previously defined intervals, pulled the rope taut and thus had a kind of ruler with the help of which you could mark out your fields, for example. The first rulers were only used to draw a straight line. They had a straight edge and a defined dimension. In 1800, Pierre Simon Marquis de Laplace introduced the meter as the unit of measurement. The current scaling of the rulers is based on this unit of measurement.
Our website help you to get the same results as all your friends after you download and print your ruler for free.

What is the hole in the ruler for?

The hole in the ruler is not coming from anywhere. In fact, it has a long tradition. A ruler used to be part of the basic equipment of a primary school. A mop was attached to it, which was needed to clean the slate. So a ribbon was pulled through the hole in the ruler, from which the mop was hung. For today you can hang the ruler on a nail or at your pinboard, for example. Let your creativity run free!
Once you have printed out our ruler, you can make a hole in the paper ruler with a punch to hang it up - it saves paper and is good for our environment.

How do I get the ruler from Microsoft Word?

The rulers at the edges of a Word document not only help with orientation - they also contain numerous other functions. You can display the rulers with just a few clicks. First, open a Word document and click on "View" in the menu. Here you will also find the "Ruler" in the "Show / Hide" field. If you activate it, a horizontal and a vertical ruler will appear, which you can use to adjust the page settings, for example. This function should be identical in all Microsoft Word versions - our ruler for printing does not help you at this point.

How do I get the ruler from Apple Pages?

Pages has horizontal and vertical rulers to help you determine the layout of text and objects in your document. For word processing documents such as letters or reports, you must enable the vertical ruler in the Pages preferences. The vertical ruler is always available for page layout documents. The ruler has several setting options. You can set the ruler to use other units of measurement (dots, inches, centimeters) or display the scale lines as percentages. You can also place the zero in the middle of the ruler, which can be useful when creating a page layout document.

Where is my ruler?

Take a look at your pinboard or the nail on the wall next to your desk. If you can't find your ruler, you can print a new ruler here at the top. Quick and easy. It's better for the environment than buying you a new plastic ruler.

How to use an online ruler?

Online rulers are trying to detect the size of your screen and are showing a ruler on your device. If the detected monitor size or resolution differs from your screen and settings, you can adjust it manually. Now you can simply hold things and objects in front of the monitor, the online ruler will give you the correct measure in millimeters. You can also use the online ruler to measure objects in inches.
Nevertheless, an online ruler is never as accurate as a haptic ruler. For this reason, we do not recommend using an online ruler, but to print your ruler at the top of this page.

How to use a mobile ruler?

To use a ruler on a mobile device, you first need an app. A ruler app uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to turn your iOS or Android device into a measuring tape. You can quickly measure the size of objects, automatically detect the dimensions of rectangular objects and save a photo of the measurement for later. Our ruler for printing does not help you at this point.

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